Smart City To Go

Xingtrium’s “Smart City To Go” concept is the one-stop solution for your city’s smart city transportation. Just choose the specific smart city solutions your city wants to cover (such as AI based security surveillance, smart transportation, or smart lighting) from the pool of our pre-selected end-to-end (E2E) solutions, we will help you to take care of everything else.

In order to fight against the the 2020 coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Xingtrium has introduced a series of AI fever detection solutions to protect communities and safeguard business reopenings. For more information, please visit

Xingtrium Live!

Xingtrium Live! is the centralized platform for smart city management. All city data can be retrieved real-time or historically with ease by administrators. Thanks to Xingtrium’s big data and AI technology, analysis, forecast, and optimizations are all made available to city officials. City management has never been made this easy!

Smart city administration

Data visualization

End-to-end solutions

Big data analytics

End-to-End Solutions

Xingtrium offers a wide range of end-to-end (E2E) smart city vertical solutions. Each solution is carefully selected to ensure its performance, functionality, and maturity. All Xingtrium E2E solutions have been seamlessly integrated into the Xingtrium Live!platform for better visibility and cross domain analysis. Meanwhile, new vertical solutions can also be easily “plugged in” when new area of coverage is required.

About Xingtrium

Xingtrium is created by Xingtera with the vision of next generation smart cities. In the 5G era, smart cities need more advanced technologies and more accurate management. Therefore, Xingtrium strives to become a smart city platform with end users in mind.